ID.FOR.FUN this is project: contemporary jewelry, object / sculpture, lighting, small industrial forms. IDEA, FORM, FUNCTION, as three basic principles of good design are the foundation of our artistic activities.

ID.FOR.FUN is designed for people with a sense of beauty and aesthetics.

Born of the need to share the object of daily use, which is characterized by the spirit and aesthetic characteristic of the world of art.

Our point is the synthesis of minimalist forms, geometry, simplicity, the behavior of light and solid variability in time and space with attention to the functionality of the project.

Jewelry and object understood as links between everyday life and art are raising the standard and aesthetic life.

Unique jewelry collections are seasonal record of changes taking place in the field of technology and ideology of our time.

Following our own artistic way use of events, changes and trends in culture, society and the applied arts. We inspire: contemporary architecture, anatomy and nature.

As a mission we give customers the feeling that buying and communing with objects ID.FOR.FUN every day , they themselves become creators of their own reality. At the same time IFF collections have missions to determine the trend of unique, original design over mass production as an added value in an active day, everyday.

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